The Giver Book Report

SUMMARY The protagonist is an eleven-year-old kid named Jonas. He lives in a dystopian world where all pain, war, suffering, but also color, joy, and feeling is eliminated. It is in a futuristic society where everything is chosen and made, yet it is not peace, it is Sameness. At the age of twelve, there is a Ceremony of…

A Letter to Malala

Dear Malala, Thank you! I wish there were people like you that would do the same things that you strive to do every single day. It is amazing how you always stand up after the greatest challenges that you have faced. It is inspiring how you are so determined to accomplish your dreams no matter…

[Original Poem by me]

Hope you read this poem, and please give me feedback on how to write better poems, but please don’t judge because this is my first serious independent prompt poem. Thank you!

Animal Farm Book Report

Summary Once, there was a farm called Manor Farm. The owner of the farm, Mr. Jones is seemed as the antagonist to the majority of the animals, since he usually exploited them. Then, one day, Old Major (seen as the wisest pig in the farm) called a meeting about a dream, and also encouraged everybody…


Mini-Memoir If anybody reads this mini-memoir, I would like them to give advice on my narrative, any grammatical corrections, etc. PDF Mini-Memoir DOCX Mini-Memoir

The Little Prince Book Report

Summary The story starts with the narrator explaining how he drew a Boa eating an elephant, but the adults surrounding him thought it was a hat, and told him to practice more mature hobbies, representing the lack of imagination of adults. When he turns into an adult, he is a pilot, and he crashes into the…

Water Poem

Water could be something fearful. Read more to see more, in a poetic form. Abcbc rhyme scheme. IB Interdisciplinary Unit Project.