Water Poem



Something dangerous,

Something full of peril,

It might sound ludicrous,

But without it, we won’t live well



In all forms,

In the whole hydrosphere,

As storms,

Attacking the biosphere



Like our visitor Matthew for instance,

Passed through the north Florida hills,

One of the greatest natural disasters in existence,

Hurricanes sure do kill



Also as a Tsunami,

Leads to water all over the beach,

Making you cry for mommy,

And for the air you would want to reach



It can make you drown,

Losing air is losing life,

It will make you feel down,

You would prefer being killed by a knife



As rain although joyful,

Could make a flood,

And it could be annoy full,

And if you are there, it could make you cry in blood



Despite its danger,

Do not worry at all,

He is not a stranger,

The pros are huge and cons are small



Of it some people have phobias,

And death can happen with recklessness,

The risks are why there is hydrophobia,

But there is still no reason to feel helplessness



It is of different quantities,

You can drink it in a cup,

It is of different qualities,

It is something feared, liked, but at the end normal to sum it up.


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