The Little Prince Book Report


The story starts with the narrator explaining how he drew a Boa eating an elephant, but the adults surrounding him thought it was a hat, and told him to practice more mature hobbies, representing the lack of imagination of adults. When he turns into an adult, he is a pilot, and he crashes into the middle of the Sahara Desert. There, he finds a little kid whom he called The Little Prince. He interprets correctly his drawing, and he tells the narrator to draw a sheep. After 3 attempts, he drew a box, in which the sheep was supposed to be inside, and the kid said that that was what he wanted. After that, he started telling his story. He once lived in an asteroid named B-612 but the Prince called it asteroid 325. There, there were 3 volcanoes, and lots of plants. He dug out the weeds and Baobab seeds. One day, he found a rose there. He loved it, although it was taking advantage out of him. Although they reconciled, he wanted to leave. He flew with some birds to different asteroids and planets, in which there were a single narrow-minded adult in each one. They include: a king of nobody, an adult who counts stars and says to control them although he doesn’t appreciate them, a person listlessly turning on/off a lamplight, a person who bows with his hat, thinking that he is excellent, a drunk person who drinks so he won’t think he is a drunkard, and a geographer who said he is too important to  be counting cities, lakes, etc. After all that, he landed on the Earth on the Sahara desert. There, he found a lot of roses, and began to think that his rose isn’t unique, since there are so much of it. Then, a fox appears and explains that it is special for him, because it is in his heart, and that he domesticated it. The Prince also domesticated the fox, and they become friends. He doesn’t want the fox to leave, but he had to. There, was when he found the pilot. They start to dehydrate, but then they found a well. After a while, they are walking and find a snake that says that he could help the Prince return to his planet and rose. He tells the pilot that don’t look if he has to go, and that to look at the stars to hear his laugh, the same thing he did with the rose. Although he asked him so that that wouldn’t happen, but he voluntarily goes to the snake, and it bites him. The pilot begins to cry, but he knows that he had to die.

Book Info

  • Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  • Characters: The Little Prince, Pilot/Narrator, Rose, Fox, Adults
  • Price: The Little Prince: Paperback Barnes and Nobles $8.75


I give it 5/5 stars, because it is a book you can connect to. Also, it will get you very emotional because of the rose, the fox, and how the Prince had to die. But also, it will give you joy that every child has.


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