Animal Farm Book Report


Once, there was a farm called Manor Farm. The owner of the farm, Mr. Jones is seemed as the antagonist to the majority of the animals, since he usually exploited them. Then, one day, Old Major (seen as the wisest pig in the farm) called a meeting about a dream, and also encouraged everybody to rebel against the owner, who was usually depicted as mean and drunken. Everybody was excited and ready to start the “Rebellion” as they called it, but a few days after the meeting he died. He talked about starting a resistance against human beings, so many people supported him. Two young pigs named Napoleon and Snowball decided to take the lead and carry on the rebellion in the farm. Soon, the animals revolted against their leader, Mr. Jones, and now they own the farm, and changed the name to animal farm. They wanted to create an equal and fair society made by animals only called animalism. They made seven commandments concerning their way of life in the farm. Snowball was an inventive and intelligent pig, while his counterpart Napoleon was huge and intimidating. These were he leaders of animal farm, and they were fighting to be the only leaders. Meanwhile, Mr. Jones attempted to get the farm back, but failed in the “Battle of the Cowshed”. Due to Snowball’s inventive nature, he proposes building a windmill, but Napoleon took the opportunity to get nine dangerous dogs to scare him away, and Snowball flees. From then on, he forms a dictatorship in the farm. He intimidated everyone and influenced them to follow what he says to do, and when something went wrong, he blamed it on Snowball. Later on, he decides to build the windmill, but credit Squealer, who basically uses language to his convenience to influence the animals in the farm. Despite all this, they think that this is better than their life with Mr. Jones. One of the neighbouring farmers (Mr. Frederick) uses blasting powder to blow up the windmill. The animals win the battle, although barely, since the majority were wounded. Boxer, a hard-working and loved horse, fainted when he was building the windmill. A van came and got Boxer, and Napoleon explained it was the veteranarian hospital, but it was actually owned by a knacker, who will boil Boxer until there is animal glue, and Napoleon would get money for whiskey, which is a really a thing a human being would do, although obviously not human. Eventually, the windmill is made along with another one, and the pigs are earning a lot of income. Most of the animals that took part in the revolution are dead. Now, the pigs act exactly like humans, walking in a bipedal way, carrying whips, and wear clothes. Napoleon holds a dinner for pigs and humans, and they can’t distinguish each other.


I think that this book is amazing in both its literal plot, and also in its meaning. This book is an analogy to Communism and the Russian Revolution. 5/5 stars


Animal Farm-$4.99 Barnes and Nobles



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