A Letter to Malala

Dear Malala,

Thank you! I wish there were people like you that would do the same things that you strive to do every single day. It is amazing how you always stand up after the greatest challenges that you have faced. It is inspiring how you are so determined to accomplish your dreams no matter what.

I like the way that you always want to help all these girls that do have the right to an education, but are not allowed to. I personally think it is unfair, since you don’t know what you can be if you study, and having the next generation ruined just because of an absence of teaching is outrageous. Even if you are a women, you still have that basic yet important right. That same idea is the idea you are always trying to spread around the whole world.

Also, you are very courageous to express your thoughts without being nervous, how after you got shot, you had no fear at all. This could lead the kids of the future to stand up for women’s rights too. And you are an inspiration not only for educational rights, your determination helps others stand up for rights and for themselves.

The Nobel Peace Prize is too little for what you actually deserve for everything you have done. Your warm-heartedness reaches so far, that you even learned to forgive the Taliban that shot you. You have had an eternal fight against the terrorizing Taliban. You also funded the Malala fund, which is a great ordeal.

You have been one of the most important, most courageous, most impacting, most peaceful, and the most warm-hearted person ever. I wonder what we would have done without people like you. Once again I thank you.

Love, Donald G

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