The Giver Book Report


The protagonist is an eleven-year-old kid named Jonas. He lives in a dystopian world where all pain, war, suffering, but also color, joy, and feeling is eliminated. It is in a futuristic society where everything is chosen and made, yet it is not peace, it is Sameness. At the age of twelve, there is a Ceremony of Twelve where the future of the twelve-year-olds are decided. Jonas is conscious of the upcoming ceremony, but he doesn’t really focus on a specific career for his life, and he also notices how he is different by having a different perspective on objects, unknowing that he can see color. When he attends the ceremony he discovers he was skipped, and that he was left for last because he had a special future. They assigned him the job to be the Receiver. The receiver basically receives all the memories. The receiver receives memories from the previous one (he calls himself The Giver) so that it won’t pass on to the community, and the community wouldn’t commit the mistakes of the past. Meanwhile, the rest of the people get mainly superficial jobs. From know on, he has to go to the annex behind the House of the Old. The Giver starts to give him the first memory of him sliding down on a sled snowing, but he obviously doesn’t understand what any of this is. He basically goes everyday to the Giver receiving memories of love, color, and even war. He wants to change the rules so that the community could have memories, so he would decide to fake a death.However,  Jonas’ father talks about releasing (implicitly killing) Gabriel (his baby brother) and he leaves earlier. Equipped with all his knowledge and memories, decides to leave to Elsewhere (outside of the community). Despite hunger, freezing, and suffering, he reaches that same place where he received the memory of the snow, and goes don to find Christmas lights, music, and love awaiting for him.


I really loved the book, because of its dystopian topic, and the perspective of life without feelings or memories makes me appreciate our world now how it is. The book really hooked me, and I couldn’t put it down, which is a good sign it is a great book. I would give it:
5/5 stars

Lois Lowry




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